Antigua Holidays

Antigua Holidays

All the signs pointed towards Antigua. The island had warm, steady winds, a complex coastline of safe harbors, and a protective, nearly unbroken wall of coral reef. It would make a perfect place to hide a fleet. And so in 1784 the legendary Admiral Horatio Nelson sailed to Antigua and established Great Britain’s most important Caribbean base. Little did he know that over 200 years later the same unique characteristics that attracted the Royal Navy would transform Antigua and Barbuda into one of the Caribbean’s premier tourist destinations.

Attraction Overview

Think luxurious beaches, rum cocktails and shimmering white sand beaches… yes you are in heaven… (well… the Caribbean but there’s not much difference!)

These magnificent islands offer the ultimate in affordable luxury with their upmarket resorts or you can go for all out extravagance with your own beach hut for that romantic holiday or honeymoon.

The high season is between December and May, however, if you want cheap family holidays in the summer months then, provided you don’t mind the humidity, the Caribbean offers some excellent all inclusive deals, at a time that’s traditionally the most expensive elsewhere.

Getting Around


Taxis are available throughout Antigua. Fares between the airport, harbour, and many hotels and destinations are fixed and can be obtained upon arrival. Sample fares from V.C. Bird International Airport to: Nelsons Dockyard–US$21; Shirley Heights–US$21; St. John’s–US$7. Taxi drivers are also qualified as tour guides for sightseeing trips. Tour rates can be obtained beforehand through hotels.


There is some local bus service; schedules and routes can be obtained through the hotels.

Lawrence of Antigua
P.O Box 73,
St. Johns,
Telephone: 1 (268) 464-4428 (Antigua – International Number)
(717) 389-6181 (Number to call from the U.S. and Canada)
Web Site:

Scenic Tours Antigua
Tours and Transportation
P.O.Box W1639, St. John’s
Phone: 1 (268) 764 3060/720 4020
Toll Free: 1 888 380 1234


English is the main language.


East Caribbean dollar.

Antigua and Barbuda use the Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$). US dollars are widely accepted. However, unless rates are posted in US dollars, as is the norm with accommodations, it usually works out better to use EC dollars.