Seeing Tigers and Riding Elephants

After adventures in Agra and Delhi, We were now heading for Ranthambore to see if we could catch a glimpse of the tigers. It was going to take approximately 6 hours to get there by our luxury bus. This was the first time we had the experience of a traditional Indian toilet which in literally a hole on the ground.

It was also the first time we had encounter so many wildlife on the roads, especially cows! They are extremely sacred in the Indian culture people would rather crash there cars than hit one. We stopped at a “road side” cafe for some lunch which consisted of Indian street type food and it was fantastic, before continuing the journey onward. As we reached the hotel it started to be like we were off-roading a small coach which was only a sign of things to come.

Once we were greeted and shown our rooms we got a chance to enjoy afternoon chai and our first look of our surroundings.

While staying at the hotel since it was in the middle of nowhere there wasn’t really anywhere to go out and eat so we ate at the hotel and they were the most accommodating again. One of the group had mentioned there love for butter chicken to the tour guide who had then gone on to mention it to the hotel and by the second evening there it was. It wasn’t the same as our version but it was tasty.

We had two jeep safari’s one in the morning and one in the evening. The one in the morning we saw peacocks, antelopes and of course cows. We even got to see a tiger in between some trees from a distance so if we didn’t see any in the evening we could say we have seen them a little.

We got covered in so much dust and dirt we were finding it in our ears and up our noses. We head into the national park where we head down some hills into the trees. There was rumour on the radio that one of them was walking about and we hoped to catch a view of the tiger and oh how we weren’t disappointed. The tiger appeared from behind some trees and started walking towards us and the jeep driver started to drive like a maniac man. There was about 7 vehicles trying to catch glimpse and each of the drivers were as mad as each other trying to catch a view of the tiger. One of the ladies in my group was trying to get a photo and before she knew it she went flying into her seat so we could get even closer.

It was an amazing experience to get to see the tigers up close and personal like that, the drivers on jeeps certainly make there money that day!

After our 2 nights we were heading off on our next port of call Jaipur, It was a couple hours drive till we would get there.

Once we arrived we got the chance to have a look around the Jaipur markets where they sold various tourist gifts, clothing and homewares. It allowed us a chance to see all the work that can go into making these items as many are made behind the store front. I managed to pick up a hand sewn dress which would later come in handie.

After we had bought all that we could we headed off the hotel t get ready for a night out at the Bollywood pictures. We would be heading off to see Race 3 which had action, singing and dancing. When we arrived me and one of the other girls started getting stared at and people asking for photographs we both thought it was odd and apparently they thought we were celebrities as I had bright red hair and the other girl had platinum blonde hair which is very unusually according to our tour guide.

Having gotten taken into the movie theatre and sat down and the room just interrupted as people love these film as and they get so into them and do “ooo’s” and “ahhs” and dancing along. It was fantastic feeling being part that atmosphere and seeing how people can escape there day to days life’s for a few hours.

We left at half time as these films can go on for hours and we got our first taste of something similar to what we have at home, Pizza Hut! It’s not much different apart from they like to use cottage cheese, which I’m not a fan of I discovered.

While in Jaipur we visited the Amber Fort where I had an experience on an elephant which I’d rather forget! The Fort is up on a hill and is quite a climb so many people tend to travel by elephant which I was looking forward to but as soon as I got on I hated it! I couldn’t get my seating right and the man guiding the elephant was shouting at me cause I kept slipping forward. It was certainly something I won’t forget in a hurry but no in a hurry to repeat.

We were heading for Pune now, which involved a plane ride from Jaipur…

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